Digital Marketing, Is Your Business In or Out?

Hello to all my fellow business owners,

You have stumbled across our marketing site which means you have thought about your current online presence.  All businesses need an online presence.  There are millions of searches going on daily and the question is “How are you digitally marketing your business”.  Well there are several ways to promote your business online.

  • Facebook advertising (My favorite)
  • Instagram advertising
  • Website
  • Email Marketing (an old favorite)
  • Chatbot Messenger Marketing (newest form of marketing)
  • Google Adwords/SEO

These are all popular however every industry is different and may not work on every platform with the exceptions of a website and SEO.  Every business should have a website and always working to rank within top pages of google, bing, etc.

People tend to stick with the traditional form of advertising and must evolve with their marketing practices because your customer base changes overtime and they don’t think how your current/prior customers may have thought.  What do you do?

  • Make sure you have a website and add keywords to help with ranking (digital marketing #1 rule)
  • Build a Business Social Media Page (Facebook/Instagram but maybe one at a time)
  • Post on your social media page(s) daily, engage your audience
  • Learn more about Messenger Marketing (this platform allows you to broadcast you message to your audience)
  • Run ads in social media (collect clients information)
  • Develop/grow your email list (this will always be free advertising, continue to engage)

We would love to assist you with a strategy to digitally market your business as well.  If you would like to discuss any of these methods further email me at [email protected]

Katina Johnson

TianaMe Marketing

[email protected]

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